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The SIESTA project is an open online platform for the investors financial improvement. It was developed by leading experts of the Siesta Trading Limited Company on the basis of the obtained trading experience at crypto exchanges, successful implementation of software solutions when trading and creating a secure system for the distribution of financial flows. We have designed the project as a serious financial instrument with beneficial profit plans and quick payments without additional commissions that can serve as an excellent investment practice for young investors and, at the same time, be an object of truly profitable investments for more experienced customers of SIESTA. Investigating mechanisms of cryptocurrency trades and defining stable correlations, we have developed a unique set of automatic utilities for trading operations that together with the regular work of traders from Siesta Trading Limited, cause really impressive results and considerable increase in the companys annual turnover. Positive dynamics of the companys performance, strong success on the cryptocurrency financial market, and continuous growth of crypto trading competence make it possible for us to daringly state about stable economic growth by daily taking responsibility for the SIESTA customers financial well-being.


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