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For many years "Raizex" based in the UK, an excellent country-style and high quality, has been actively involved in the cultivation and processing of synthetic sapphire. The company is engaged in production, using only the best raw materials to achieve the best results of quality guaranteeing complete satisfaction. Mono-crystal synthetic sapphire- is the second hardness of the material after the diamond is an artificially grown crystal. Synthetic sapphire is widely used in microelectronics, optoelectronics, mechanical engineering, instrument making and medicine. "Raizex" successfully established an economy with a lot of reverse use of products for the industrial chain for synthetic sapphire. "Raizex" production are in great demand among consumers thanks to a wide choice and consistently high quality. The most important value "Raizex", friendly management team, which has established an excellent reputation the company has built a relationship of trust with partners and customers. Partners appreciated the high quality of our products and attractive financial conditions. Our company employs highly qualified specialists in their field, energetic, educated, creative people. We believe that a successful company - it is the one that reveals the potential of its employees, we pay great attention to recruiting, training and professional development of our employees.


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