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Compared to other continents of the Earth, Africa is the undisputed leader in mining diamonds, gold, manganese, and other valuable mineral materials. African countries have abundant oil and gas reserves. It is one of the most prominent characteristics of the continent. Africa is home for 25% of the worlds mining industry. Most of the raw minerals are exported abroad, mostly to the countries of the European continent. Major European and American companies are competing for the right to develop new undeveloped oil and gas reserves located in Sudan and Nigeria. Even though some experts are skeptical about investing in minerals, citing the fact that we live in the age of high technology, we believe that Africa presents excellent opportunities. For example, the Republic of the Congo has large deposits of a mineral called "columbite-tantalite" which is used in the production of mobile phones, computers, tablets, all kinds of gadgets. What about blockchain and cryptocurrency? In Africa, where the inflation rate is through the roof, many are interested in digital money and new technologies. Influential people in Africa (some of them are people in power) express a readiness to invest in promising ICO-projects, including cryptocurrency.


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