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Lorean Trade is a private enterprise with official registration in Great Britain. The company is mostly engaged in a global analysis of tides in the stock trading and asset selection, where one can intentionally invest funds to get financial gains in the near term. The company dates its history back to 2015, when Eric Hestora, a young but successful trader living in Reading, met Louis Loreani, a businessman. At that point of time, Mr. Louis Loreani was running a small rapidly growing company that consistently made a profit, and a young professional Eric Hestora was actively searching for investors to implement his business plan. On February 5, 2015, following a brief conversation, Mr. Loreani and Hestora became partners and founded the Lorean Trade Company. Initially, the companys staff consisted of only 5 people. Due to the well-coordinated work of this small team, the company showed excellent dynamics of development. For further successful progress in the formation of the company, fundamental changes were required: grand-scale staff expansion, the introduction of modern technologies, and the development of new fields of activity. The positive dynamics of the companys development urged the management to make several serious decisions.


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