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LEDGENERATION is a LED-based lighting developing and production expert. As soon as we entered a world market we refused from all of the lightning technologies except for LED-based lighting. Why? It is reliable, effective, saving! Our company was a part of energy conservation equipment leading production company CREE (USA). We have been working independently since 2018. We have in-house facilities, developing and final product testing departments, and developed logistic and administrative support, reliable furnished parts suppliers. Our main office is in London. LEDGENERATION products are purchased by the government agencies from all over the world. LED-based lighting for the streets, roads, parking, traffic lights, highways, plants, LED screens are everywhere in demand. We choose and develop this field due to it is future technology available nowadays. We are proud of producing and integrating our useful facilities in different fields of living. LED-based lighting left behind electric incandescent, luminescent, gas-discharge and halogen lamps. LED-based lighting saves electricity consumption up to 90%, works up to 100 000 hrs, it is absolutely eco-friendly. Due to creative technology, LED changes clarity degree, illumination angle and other operational characteristics. New type of lighting provides low eye fatigue, high information perception in paper or electronic format. LEDGENERATION is the largest European company with American ancestry. We are proud of both LED-based lighting and screens regular production and final products advertising, its sales and distribution and delivery to the end consumers. There are no any risks at all being our partner.


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