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Earning scale on exchanges by means of high-frequency trading, with how it is used, is unique and has no analogs. In order to upgrade and lift it on a new level we have created extraction.online. It all starts from understanding how does the high-frequency algorithmic trading work. Platform extraction.online has been created for an absolutely new type of interaction between investors and trading-bots. This is the first automated platform, which is built on the blockchain technology. Such decision increases the platform efficiency and expands the ecosystem limits, which allows you to accumulate monetary resources. The unique script is the cornerstone of the high level of work of the platform. The script has been specially developed to satisfy all technical solutions on extraction.online platform. Developers of extraction.online have spent significant amount of time to make the platform in the sphere of investments better, faster and safer than ever. It provides access to all functions on a 24-hour basis. The interface of the Personal Area is designed for highly effective interaction with the financial instrument. Operation algorithm of the trading robot is arranged in such a way, that despite market drop or growth deals close without loss. Volume and conditions of tendering arent important to the robot, its sole aim is to generate profit.


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