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You probably know a lot about investment, savings, insurance, and many other financial issues, but you did not even think about them as a source of income. Eventually, you will think about personal finance, and you will want to immerse yourself in this fascinating world. On this way, you will need a person or team who will support you in your first steps in the financial world. You will need a source of information where you will find the answers to your questions. Congratulations, we assure you that you have come to the right place! In the modern world, a new trend is emerging when financially private funds enter the financial arena and are in the process of replacing such largely obsolete types of financial institutions as large state institutions and banks. How many times have you heard from all sides absolutely empty expressions like: "We will identify and adapt solutions that will help you meet your individual financial needs"? How many times have people tried to explain your "financial needs" sitting in state institutions and banks and only able to calculate their annual bonuses? Do you think that in real investment companies the income of managers should directly depend on the tasks that you, investors, put to them?


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