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BoxChain is one of the largest providers of storage solutions in the Australia region. With over 100 centres across Australia, we provide tailored storage solutions to more than 35,000 individuals and businesses. Every BoxChain centre in Australia is committed to offering our customers high-quality, convenient solutions paired with outstanding service. With our clean, modern and secure premises and highly trained team of storage specialists, youll receive affordable and reliable storage whatever your needs and budget. BoxChain offers its clients the opportunity to become a part of the Company and earn a guaranteed income. Purchasing storage facilities, you become its lawful owner. Full payment by purchasing a certain storage facility and paying the whole amount at once, an investor gets the maximum percentage of profits from the acquired storage facilities. 5 payment the installment plan for purchasing a facility lasts for 5 months. Every month in accordance with the installment plan, the Investor has to make equal payments (annuity payment), and monthly profits increase by 0.25% every month after every installment payment. The daily start profit is represented in the table. In the event of late payment by the Investor, the amount of dividends stays the same, the calculations of dividends are based on the sum including the last payment.


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