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Since start May 2017 Bitcoin mining industry has changed dramatically with mining fees rising 2000%. High bitcoin demand and selective mining fee has surely been in our favor. Mining has never been more profitable in this industry than it is now. BitTank.Club is a venture started 2 years back in 2015 and has since then become a strong player on the online marked with profitable online business as Bitcoin Wallet, Coin Exchange, Advertising and more funded by a strong team of 200+ founders teamed together as MATRIXBIT CLUB LIMITED. BitTank.Club has bough up sufficient of equipment to offer a solid payback for those who join. Mining Power is the key to success! And we have plenty of it. Our full-automated system ensure anyone can join mining with absolutely no experience. Our mining plans are simple build including all the cost to operate the full system from maintenance, electricity, hardware, software and support. We ensure the continually development and take care of all necessary to give you a full relaxing time. Your payment is a one-time Fee and is none refundable. BITTANK LTD has determined that by giving a higher hourly return you will be able to profit from your mining contract faster.


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